Welk Fans & Performers

Welk Stars Reunion, Branson MO

September, 2008

Photos submitted by Sheryl Buss




JoAnn Castle at the autograph table as everyone sings "Happy Birthday"


David & Roger Otwell









Sheila & Sherry Aldridge, Sheryl Buss, Jeanne Shefveland, Terry O'Donnell, Dick Shefveland, Karen Isgett & Diane Maxwell

Front:  Josh Burnham & Anacani


Sherry & Sheila Aldridge with Anacani









Terry O'Donnell with her birthday rose and card


Terry O'Donnell, Tom Netherton, Karen Isgett & Sheryl Buss








Helen Metzger


Helen & Mary Lou Metzger with Leon (Connie) Sperl









The Three Amigos:  Terry O'Donnell, Charles Letterman & Sheryl Buss


Back:  Josh Burnham, Shirley & Bob Miller

Front: Terry O'Donnell, Charles Letterman & Sheryl Buss









Margaret & Ken Letterman


Charles Letterman with cousin Ken & Margaret Letterman








Sheryl Buss & Charles Letterman


Helen Metzger with daughter Mary Lou & Leon (Connie) Sperl









Ken Letterman, Marilyn Arndt (Tom Netherton sang to),  Charles Letterman & Norma Yates (used to work in Welk gift shop so a familiar face to many)


Dick & Jeanne Shefveland









Charles Letterman & Sheryl Buss


Ava Barber performs at the "Grand Ladies of Country" show









These last four shots from "Grand Ladies of Country" show









Mary Lou Metzger, Sheila Aldridge, Ava Barber & Sherry Aldridge


Ava Barber & hubby Roger Sullivan