Welk Stars Reunion Show

Branson, MO

September, 2008

Photos submitted by Rosanne Galletta




Mary Lou Metzger, Tim Padilla, Anacani & Arthur Duncan


Tim Padilla









Mary Lou Metzger


Tim Padilla








Sheila & Sherry Aldridge with Otwells & Tom Netherton


Sheila & Sherry Aldridge









David & Roger Otwell


Sheila Aldridge, David & Roger Otwell, Sherry Aldridge









Kirsten Weingartner


Mary Lou Metzger






Arthur Duncan does the "Lawrence Welk Strut"


Arthur Duncan












Mary Lou Metzger


Mary Lou Metzger





Charles Letterman


Sheryl Buss, Linda Ciotti, Ava Barber & Rosanne Galletta











Tom Netherton








Tom Netherton & Diane Maxwell


Tom Netherton & Terry O'Donnell








Mary Lou Metzger


JoAnn Castle








Lin Biviano & JoAnn Castle


Sheila, Sherry, Roger & David








Mary Lou Metzger


Mary Lou Metzger








Tom Netherton


JoAnn Castle








Arthur Duncan


Anacani & Mary Lou








Anacani, Tom, Mary Lou, Tim & Sherry


David, Sheila, Roger, Anacani & Tom








Tom, JoAnn, Mary Lou & Tim


Terry O'Donnell, Gene Maxwell, Arthur Duncan, Rosanne Galletta, Linda Ciotti & Sandi Wichern









Rosanne & Anacani


Rosanne & Mary Lou Metzger








Rosanne with Sherry & Sheila Aldridge


Rosanne with Debbi Knight & Lin Biviano








Rosanne & Margaret Heron Letterman


Rosanne & Tim Padilla








Rosanne & Tom


Rosanne with the Otwells & Aldridge (Roger, Sheila,Sherry & David)









Jeanne Shefveland


Loraine Alberga








Tim Padilla


Terry, Charles, Arthur, Mary Lou & Sheryl,









Mary Lou & Tom (standing), Marge Landolt & Lilia Alberga seated


Margaret Heron Letterman shares a microphone and a laugh with Sherry & Sheila Aldridge








Charles Letterman accepts his theater seat's  nameplate from Sheryl Buss


Welk performers






Margaret Heron Letterman speaks to the Welknoters as Mary Lou looks on (left); Ken Letterman and Jennifer Johnson to the right


Roger & Daivd Otwell










Charles & Mary Lou sing a tribute to Margaret as Tim looks on