Fans & Performers

Welk Stars Reunion

September, 2008

Photos submitted by Charles Letterman




The Three Amigos

Terry O'Donnell, Charles Letterman & Sheryl Buss


Karen Isgett, Charles Letterman, Bob & Shirley Miller & Terry O'Donnell






Tim Padilla & Sheryl Buss


Terry O'Donnell & Arthur Duncan






Ken & Margaret Letterman


Charles Letterman with Margaret & Ken Letterman








Sheryl Buss, Jeanne & Dick Shefveland & Josh Burnham


Harry Abbott, Karen Isgett, Terry O'Donnell & Josh Burnham








Jeanne Shefveland, Evelyn Ferstl & Dick Shefveland


Dick Shefveland, Terry O'Donnell, Sheryl Buss, Jeanne Shefveland, Larry & Carolie Feller, Diane & Gene Maxwell & Karen Isgett









Tim Padilla, Sheryl Buss, Jeanne Sheveland, Tom Netherton, Terry O'Donnell & Dick Shefveland


Sheila & Sherry Aldridge, Sheryl Buss, Jeanne Shefveland, Terry O'Donnell, Dick Shefveland, Karen Isgett, Diane Maxwell with Josh Burnham & Ananani in front









Terry O'Donnell, Bobby Tillery (conductor) & Sheryl Buss


Hilda Hellyer, Sandi Wichern, David Hellyer, Derald & Jan Findley








Bob Miller, Russell & Beverly Fox & Shirley Miller - Good friends to Welknotes and devoted Welk fans


Terry O'Donnell, Mary Lou Metzger, Charles Letterman & Sheryl Buss








Sandi Wichern, JoAnn Castle, & Sheryl Buss in front

Charles Letterman, Terry O'Donnell, Evelyn Ferstl, Bob & Shirley  Miller, Karen Isgett & Josh Burnham


Ken Letterman with Bobby & Marie Blackwell









Jeanne & Dick Shefveland & Sheryl Buss


Debbi Knight, Mary Lou Metzger & Linda Ciotti








Rosanne Galletta, Tom Netherton & Sandi Wichern


Sheryl Buss, Dee Erickson & Sandi Wichern








Ken Letterman, Dee Erickson, Terry O'Donnell (back), Diane Maxwell, Sheryl Buss (back) & Karen Isgett


Lilia Alberga, Tim Padilla & Loraine Alberga









Terry O'Donnell, Gene Maxwell, Arthur Duncan, Linda Ciotti, Sandi Wichern & Rosanne Galletta (front)


Linda Ciotti, Sheryl Buss, Terry O'Donnell, Melissa Ricketts Creech & Rosanne Galletta








Back row:  Bob Miller, Sandi Wichern, Sheryl Buss, Margaret Letterman, Rosanne Galletta, Karen Isgett, Evelyn Ferstl

Front row:  Sherry Aldridge, Shirley Miller, Melissa Ricketts Creech, Sheila Aldridge, Ken Letterman, David Otwell, Terry O'Donnell, Linda Ciotti, Debbi Knight, Charles Letterman


Sharon & Carl Eatherly (Ralna English's sister & brother-in-law) with Mary Lou Metzger









Terry O'Donnell with her birthday rose


Terry O'Donnell, Tom Netherton, Karen Isgett & Sheryl Buss









Leon (Connie) Sperl, Mary Lou Metzger & her mom Helen Metzger