Margaret & Kenneth Letterman

united in marriage on

February 23, 2008


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Margaret & Ken Letterman


Marion Cuesta, Marilyn Heron, Margaret, Ken, Jennifer Johnson with flower girl Alyssa Mariscal (Henry & Janette Cuesta's granddaughter)






Marion Cuesta, Margaret & Alyssa Mariscal


Bob & Marilyn Heron, Margaret & Ken Letterman






Ken's Family


Charles Letterman & Peggy (Lennon) Felt






Mary Lou Metzger, Rose Weiss Berman & Helen Metzger


Arthur Duncan & his sister, Mabel, with Kristie & Bobby Burgess






Mary Lou Metzger & Richard Maloof


Fietje & Bob Ralston (standing) with Charlotte (Harris) & Edwin Deveny and Rose Weiss Berman






Leon Sperl & Helen Metzger


JoAnn & Paul Young






Rudy & Anacani Echeverria


Ken & Tanya (Welk) Roberts






Janette Cuesta with Ken & Marilyn Delo


Kristie Burgess, Berdyne Floren, Randee Floren






Brent & Sandi Griffiths, Mary Lou Metzger & Bobby Burgess


Mary Lou Metzger, Anacani, & Tanya Roberts






Wedding cake made by one of the groom's granddaughters


Margaret & Ken dance the first dance - notice the bubbles and Ken Delo is singing the "Hawaiian Wedding Song"






Fietje & Bob Ralston with Margaret


Margaret dances with Bobby Burgess






The Welk children -

Shirley Fredricks, Larry Welk, & Donna Mack


Kristie & Bobby Burgess with Cissy King







Ken & Marilyn Delo with Sandi & Brent Griffiths