Guy & Ralna

St. Charles, MO

October 18, 2008

Photos submitted by Sheryl Buss, Karen Cooksley & Charles Letterman




Sheryl Buss, Judy Shaw, Terry O'Donnell, Ja'Nae with her mom, Margie Patrick


Hotel atrium






Hotel atrium with Terry, Judy & Charles


Java Judy - two cups at once (probably more on the table!)






Judy reviews the memory book from Branson Welknoters as Terry looks on


Charles & Judy look at the memory book











Sheryl, Charles, Judy & Terry





Sheryl & Judy with poster of Guy & Ralna


Karen, Sheryl, Judy & Terry





Karen, Sheryl & Margie Patrick


Judy & Terry sell CD's before the show





Ralna English & Guy Hovis onstage

Dakota with Arlene Boner, Karen, Judy, Charles, Terry & Sheryl


Ralna & Guy






Guy & Ralna onstage


Ralna & Guy


Crowd at autograph table after the show





Guy & Ralna greet fans


Guy & Ralna greet fans


Arlene Boner with "grand-daughter" Dakota & Sis Hovis






Guy & Ralna with Dakota

Sis, Arlene & Dakota


Dakota with Ralna & Guy




Guy & Ralna with Arlene


Guy & Ralna with Karen

Arlene with Ralna & Guy


Karen with Ralna & Guy




Guy & Ralna with Judy & Karen


Guy & Ralna with Sheryl

Judy & Karen with Ralna & Guy


Sheryl with Ralna & Guy




Sis & Guy Hovis with Judy


Ralna English & Guy & Sis Hovis with Judy

Sis, Guy & Judy


Ralna, Judy, Guy & Sis








Welknoters dinner with Guy & Ralna

Restaurant in old district of St. Charles where we had post-show dinner


Sheryl, Sis, Guy, Ralna






Ralna English with Charles & Judy

Terry, Arlene, Dakota, Sheryl, Sis & Guy


The restaurant was so busy that Charles served the baked potato condiments (our hero!)