Lennon Sisters & Tony Orlando

Christmas Show, 2009

Photos submitted by Charles Letterman




Kathy, Mimi & Janet


Kathy, Janet & Mimi








Kathy, Janet & Mimi


Kathy, Janet & Mimi with Janet's granddaughters Lia, Ana and Jenna








Kathy, Janet & Mimi


Tony Orlando








Kathy, Janet & Mimi with Santa & Tony


Tony & Santa








End of show final bows


Kathy, Mimi & Janet with Lia, Ana & Jenna









Lee Lorimer, Sheryl Buss & Denise Bazzani.  Lee & Denise assisted with selling dolls and CDs for the Lennons









Below are a couple of pictures from Debby Boone's show at the Oak Ridge Boys Theater, since there was some recent mention of her on WelkNotes