Guy & Ralna Concert

Germantown, TN

February 15, 2009

Photos submitted by Charles Letterman




Mary Wood & Diane Maxwell


Charles Wood & Gene Maxwell






Art Oliver & Tainne Schoenfeld (Rosanne Galletta in background)


Trista Ralston, Arvilla Blumenstock & Nancy Ralston








Charles & Mary Wood's family: son Bill (front left), grandson Kevin Hollis (Navy sweatshirt) and great-grandchildren


Mary Wood with Sheryl Buss & Terry O'Donnell








Terry O'Donnell, Judy Shaw & Sheryl Buss


WelkNoters group before the show








Arvilla Blumenstock, Trista Ralston, Lady Duckie, Rosanne Galleta & Art Oliver


Frances Hovis (Guy's mom) with daughter, Joye & son-in law Charles Killebrew








Art Oliver, Tainne Schoenfeld & Alice Hutchinson


Sheryl Buss, Martha Underhill & Karen Cooksley with Gene & Diane Maxwell on next row








Rosanne Galletta with Wood family


Earline Moore with daughter Deb Tice (red jacket)








Donnie & Rhonda with Gene & Diane Maxwell (Donnie is Diane's brother)


Stan Viets with Alice Hutchinson


















Judy Shaw, Terry O'Donnell & Karen Cooksley


Guy & Ralna








Sis & Guy Hovis with Alice Hutchinson


Sis & Guy, Ralna & Judy Shaw