Guy & Ralna Concert

Germantown, TN

February 15, 2009

Photos submitted by Karen Cooksley



































Ralna dedicates "Always" to WelkNoter Earline Moore who's been quite ill so Ralna was especially glad to see her







Stan Viets is honored with other veterans


Art Oliver is honored with other veterans

















Ralna & Guy take a bow at the end of the show








Earline Moore & Ralna


Ralna, Deb Tice, Almeta Cavin, & Guy with Earline








Stan Viets & Alice Hutchinson


Judy Shaw, Roger Sullivan & Deb Tice





Judy Shaw & Ralna


Ralna with Mary Wood








Sis & Guy Hovis with the cake for their anniverary & Alice Hutchinson's birthday


Sis & Guy Hovis with birthday girl Alice Hutchison






Judy Shaw, Sis Hovis, Karen Cooksley & Guy


Art Oliver with Ralna





Judy with granddaughter, Shea


Judy, daughter Jana and granddaughter Shea








Karen Cooksley & Ralna


Terry O'Donnell, Karen Cooksley, Ralna & Judy Shaw