Guy & Ralna Concert

Germantown, TN

February 15, 2009

Photos submitted by Sheryl Buss




Alice Hutchinson & Charles Letterman


Tainne Schoenfeld








Art Oliver


Karen Cooksley








Charles & Mary Wood with son Bill, grandson Kevin & great-grandchildren


Lady Duckie








Corky's Restaurant (dinner Sat. night)


WelkNoters before show








Frances Hovis (Guy's mom) with daughter, Joye, & son-in-law, Charles Killebrew


Judy Shaw with granddaughter, Shea








Judy Shaw with granddaughter, Shea & daughter, Jana


Sis & Guy Hovis with the cake for their anniversary & Alice's birthday








Sis & Guy, Ralna & Judy


Guy, Ralna & Judy with a 1972 concert souvenier program








Alice admires the beautiful rose on her birthday cake


Guy waves goodbye to the group








Lady Duckie & Tainne


Arvilla Blumenstock, Nancy Ralston & Sheryl Buss



Alice Hutchinson, Nancy Ralston & daughter, Trista, with Arvilla Blumenstock (Nancy's mom)


Alice Hutchinson