Christmas Concert

Mesa, AZ

December 6, 2009

Photos submitted by Sheryl Buss




Carol Dotzel & Claudia Noller beneath an appropriate sign


Sheryl & Carol








Sis & Julie Hovis










Sis sells CDs (Susie Dowdy seated to right)


Guy & Ralna at the autograph table (Ralna's new dog Denton on the table, too)








Elaine Balden, Mary Lou Metzger, Guy & Ralna at the autograph table (Julie standing in purple)


Elaine Balden & Mary Lou Metzger








Claudia Noller with Guy


Susie Dowdy with her dog, Buddy








Sis Hovis, Ralna English, Guy & Julie Hovis (Julie's holding Ralna's new dog, Denton)


Anna Steinbach and her son, Dick




Claudia Noller, Rena Yeager, Sheryl Buss, Ralna English, Guy Hovis, Elaine Balden, Mary Lou Metzger, Evelyn Ferstl with Carol Dotzel & Sis Hovis in front


Anna Steinbach, Sheryl Buss, Claudia Noller, Carol Dotzel, Gloria (Sheryl's friend) & Evelyn Ferstl








Claudia Noller & her mom, Bea


Bea with Sheryl Buss








Carol Dotzel, Claudia Noller & Sheryl Buss


Bea, Evelyn, Gloria, Carol, Sheryl & Claudia