Guy & Ralna Concert

St. Petersburg, FL

February 22, 2009

Photos submitted by Sheryl Buss




The Palladium Theater


Sheryl Buss & Liz Duquette








Sheryl Buss, Liz Duquette & Joyce Pianovski


Guy & Ralna sign autographs & chat with a fan








Joyce & her mother, Gerri Pianovski


Waiting in line to see Guy & Ralna:  Joyce, Liz, Sheryl & Jane Jackson (Sheryl's friend in FL)








Guy & Ralna at far end of autograph table with others selling CDs; Susie Dowdy standing in pink jacket










Guy & Ralna with Liz Duquette


Jane Jackson, Ralna, Guy & Sheryl Buss








Larry & Jane Jackson, Ralna, Guy & Sheryl


Larry speaks Russian to Ralna as Jane looks on