Lennon Sisters Concert

Germantown, TN

January 24, 2010

Photos submitted by Terry O'Donnell




Judy Shaw with WelkNotes 10th anniversary cake @ Perkins Friday night


Kathy, Janet & Mimi Lennon




























Ava Barber & Terry O'Donnell


Ava Barber & Judy Shaw








Jan Wingfield's niece who won the raffle prize with Ana, Janet's grand-daughter who drew the winning ticket


Kathy, Janet & Mimi with Judy Shaw









Front row:  Jan Wingfield, Marian Wingfield, Emilie Wingfield, Deon Masker, Marie Blackwell, Martha Underhill, Lee Lorimer, Judy Shaw, Deb Tice, Terry O'Donnell.   Back row:  Alona Holm Carol Brady, Gene Maxwell, Art Oliver, Diane Maxwell, Sheryl Buss