Wedding of

Julie Hovis & Carlos Diaz

Reception Photos





Mom Ralna and Bride Julie



The proud Father of the Bride, Guy and The Lovely Bride Julie






Julie dancing the traditional Father-Daughter dance






Michelle Mazurki (back), Jane Rickwalt, Cissy King, Mary Lou Metzger, Ralna & Tanya Welk serenade the newlyweds

The "original" quartet from Ole Miss Days consisting of Alan Pepper, Trent Lott, Gaylen Roberts and Guy serenade the Wedding Party table at the Reception








Susie Dowdy & Mary Lou Metzger

Judy & Cissy King



Friends of the family: Carrie Armstrong & Linda Ciotti

Monette & Judy





Tanya Welk Roberts and Kenny Roberts

Judy with Ralna's sister Jane and neighbor Dr. Judy Balan



Ralna's neighbor Carole and Ralna's all-time best friend Monette

Cissy King


Ken Delo with Guy

Ken Delo





Friends from Los Angeles days:  Dr. Michael and Sherrie Sells with Jack and Norma Imel

Pastor Robert Bock and his wife Peggy with Judge Alan Pepper and wife Ginger Pepper



Larry Welk & Judy

Judy & Senator Trent Lott



Ralna, Carrie, Linda and Judy enjoying a few words

Joye & Charles Killebrew





Jack & Norma Imel with Trent Lott

Maggie Letterman & Mary Lou Metzger



Ken & Maggie Letterman with Jennifer Johnson

Linda Ciotti, Jane Rickwalt & Carrie Armstrong




Marilyn Delo & Tanya Welk




Julie with Larry Welk





Julie with Trent Lott



Trent Lott offers Julie some "advice"...?





... and Julie's reaction!