Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show

Lancaster, PA

July 10, 2010

Photos submitted by Louis Teller



Front row:Louis Teller, Beverly Fox, Rosanne Galletta, Audrey Gottshall

Second row:  Helen Ronci, Karen Isgett, Verda Campbell (in pink), Betty Stenger, Shirley Miller, Bonnie Hoover

Third row:  Russell Fox, Art Oliver, Jeanne and Dick Shefveland, Sheryl Buss, Sharon Stark, George Morgan, Bob Miller, David Hoover, Charles Letterman, Evelyn Ferstl, Inese Wallace



Anacani & Louis








Ralna & Louis


Guy & Louis








Louis & Tom Netherton


Louis & the Otwells








JoAnn & Louis


Front row:  Louis Teller, Carol Dotzel, Nick Timko, Betty (BJ) Stenger, Rosanne Galletta, Audrey Gottshall, Sharon Stark,  Doug  Minier, Inese Wallace

Second row:  Karen Clark, Lee Stewart, Sheryl Buss, Shirley Miller, Beverly Fox, Doris Zizzi,


Back row:  Dick & Jeanne Shefveland, Evelyn Fertsl, Bob Miller, Russell Fox, Peter Zizzi, Charles Letterman









Ken Delo


The Otwell twins








JoAnn Castle


JoAnn Castle










Tom Netherton








Cast performing finale