Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show

Lancaster, PA

July 10, 2010

Photos submitted by Sheryl Buss




Carol Dotzel, Sheryl Buss & Sharon Stark










Ken Letterman, Jenny Johnson, Margaret Letterman, Sheryl Buss, Sharon Stark, Carol Dotzel and Linda Ciotti


Elaine DeBruyn & Karen Clark








Rosanne Galletta & Inese Wallace


Friday Night dinner at the Legends at the Lancaster Host.

Back Row:  Linda Ciotti, Russell Fox, Nick Timko, Pat Timko (in pink) Jeanne and Dick Shefveland, Bob Miller, Sharon Stark (hidden), Helen Ronci, Verda Campbell (part hidden, in pink), Ken Letterman, Margaret Heron Letterman, Evelyn Ferstl

Second Row:  Audrey Gottshall, Betty (BJ) Stenger, Beverly Fox, Shirley Miller, Art Oliver, Sheryl Buss, Rosanne Galletta, Inese Wallace,

Kneeling:  Dawn Wallace (Karen Isgett's cousin), Carol Dotzel, Jenny Johnson, Karen Isgett, and Charles Letterman.     Photos were taken by Lorraine, Helen's friend.








Dedication giclee plaque presented by Nick Timko to JoAnn Castle


Nick and Margaret holding the plaque








Margaret & Ken Letterman and Jenny Johnson


Breakfast at Fulton Steamboat Inn Saturday, July 10.
Standing:  Dawn Wallace, Karen Isgett, Carol Dotzel, Sharon Stark, Inese Wallace
Front row:  Evelyn Ferstl, Sheryl Buss, Rosanne Galletta








Sign (seen through rain!) on way to theater


Front row:Louis Teller, Beverly Fox, Rosanne Galletta, Audrey Gottshall
Second row:  Helen Ronci, Karen Isgett, Verda Campbell (in pink), Betty Stenger, Shirley Miller, Bonnie Hoover
Third row:  Russell Fox, Art Oliver, Jeanne and Dick Shefveland, Sheryl Buss, Sharon Stark, George Morgan, Bob Miller, David Hoover, Charles Letterman, Evelyn Ferstl, Inese Wallace









Panara's for supper between shows. 
Dick Shefveland, Helen Ronci,  Evelyn Ferstl, Sharon Stark, Carol Dotzel, Bob and Shirley Miller, Sheryl Buss, Jeanne Shefveland.  Charles Letterman came after the photo was taken.   Photo taken by Lorraine


Front row:  Louis Teller, Nick Timko, Betty (BJ) Stenger, Rosanne Galletta, Audrey Gottshall, Sharon Stark,  Doug  Minier, Inese Wallace
Second row:  Karen Clark, Carol Dotzel, Lee Stewart, Sheryl Buss, Shirley Miller, Beverly Fox, Doris Zizzi
Back row:  Dick & Jeanne Shefveland, Evelyn Ferstl, Bob Miller, Russell Fox, Peter Zizzi, Charles Letterman





JoAnn at autograph table


Nick & JoAnn with plaque








Front row:   Carol Dotzel, Ken Letterman, Rosanne Galletta, Terry O'Donnell
Second row:  Jeanne Shefveland, Margaret Letterman, Sheryl Buss, Sharon Stark, Shirley Miller, Karen Isgett, Nick Timko, Pat Timko, Beverly Fox, Inese Wallace

Third row:  Art Oliver, Dick Shefveland (hidden), Karen Clark, Bob Miller, Evelyn Ferstl, Leroy Williams, Russell Fox, Linda Ciotti



Anacani and Sheryl at hotel lobby



Sunday morning breakfast at Steamboat Inn.

Left:  Evelyn Ferstl, Linda Ciotti, Inese Wallace, Sheryl Buss, Karen Clark, Karen Isgett, Elaine DeBruyn, Rosanne Galletta, Carol Dotzel, Sharon Stark, Dawn Wallace.  Charles Letterman arrived after the photo was taken.