Guy & Ralna

Bear Creek Farms, IN

Sept. 22, 2011




































































Shea Brendemuehl awaits the show




Shea & Ralna


Shea & Ralna





The Champagne Trio (where it all started):  

Linda Ciotti, Sis Hovis & Terry O'Donnell







Shea hugs Ralna as his parents Dennis & Judy look on


Dennis, Judy, Ralna, Shea & Guy





Linda Ciotti, Terry O'Donnell, Judy Shaw, Dick & Jeanne Shefveland & Sheryl Buss


Sue Riley (& dad), Ralna & Guy





Ralna & Sue


Sue, Ralna & Shea







Guy, Ralna & Judy





Afternoon Show: Front row: Ralna English, Charles Letterman, Shea Brendemuehl, Linda Fisher, Debbie Brown, Guy Hovis, Peggy Wardenburg, Terry O'Donnell, Dennis Brendemuehl.  Back row: Sheryl Buss, Judy Shaw, Dick & Jeanne Shefveland, Kathy Bassett,  Margie  Ritchie, Joan Brown, Judy Brendemuehl, Carolie & Larry Feller, Linda Ciotti.



Evening Show. Front row: Ralna English, Shea Brendemuehl, Debbie Brown, Terry O'Donnell, Peggy Wardenburg, Dennis & Judy Brendemuehl, Charles Letterman.

 Back row:  Dick Shefveland, Jeanette Saurer, Jeanne Shefveland, Judy Shaw, Kathy Bassett, Barb Smith, Margie Ritchie, Guy Hovis, Linda Ciotti, Sheryl Buss, Carolie & Larry Feller.





Ralna & Sis




Guy with his birthday cake


Ralna & Judy


Ralna, Terry, Judy, Sis & Linda





Peggy Wardenburg


Peggy Wardenburg








Judy with birthday flowers from Ralna







Judy with birthday cake (surprise!)


Dinner Friday night in Ft. Wayne

Barb Smith, Sheryl Buss, Charles Letterman, Jeanne & Dick Shefveland, Jeanette Saurer







Some of the Welknoters made a trip to Portland, IN to visit the Portland Museum which has a Jack Imel display








Picture of Jack jumping over marimba







Jack's marimba


Peggy, Sheryl, Jeanne, Dick & Charles Letterman with Jack's marimba