Various Welk-related Performers

November, 2011



Kathy, Janet & Mimi Lennon


With Janet's granddaughters, Lia, Ana & Jenna





Kathy, Janet & Mimi


Kathy, Janet, Mimi













Janet & Lia









Mike Cathcart







Lennon Sisters with Gail & Lennon Brothers


Kathy, Janet & Mimi



Janet's granddaughters


Gail & Lennon Brothers



Mike Cathcart (Peggy Lennon's son)







Mike Cathcart (Peggy Lennon's son)


Gail Lennon





Gail Lennon


Gail Lennon





Lori Cathcart (Peggy's daughter-in-law)


Lori Cathcart, Betsy (Cathcart) Butler (Peggy's daughter) (unknown on right)





Betsy (Cathcart) Butler


Betsy (Cathcart) Butler & Lori Cathcart





Betsy (Cathcart) Butler, Lori Cathcart & Amy


Kathy & Janet Lennon, Ken Letterman, Mimi Lennon, Maggie (Heron) Letterman & Jennifer Johnson





Maggie (Heron) Letterman & Sheryl Buss


Bill & Gail Lennon & Mike Cathcart


Sheryl Buss & Hilda at Andy's Moon River Grill


Kirsten Weingartner Weiss, Charles Letterman & Sheryl Buss