Stars of the Lawrence Welk Show

& Ralna's 70th Birthday Party

Lancaster, PA - June, 2012




Ken Delo


Ken Delo





Ken Delo


Mary Lou Metzger





Mary Lou Metzger


Mary Lou Metzger


























Ralna & Guy


Ralna & Guy





Anacani, Ken, Ralna, Guy & Mary Lou


Anacani, Ken, Ralna, Guy & Mary Lou












Ralna & Guy


Ralna & Guy





Louis Teller, Dick & Jeanne Shefveland, Frances Young


Louis Teller & Mary Lou Metzger





Mary Lou Metzger


Shea Brendemuehl & Mary Lou Metzger





Marilyn & Ken Delo


Shea Brendemuehl with Sis & Guy Hovis





Anacani & Shea Brendemuehl


Dick & Jeanne Shefveland with Frances Young





Kris Krause (from Guy & Ralna fan club days), Judy and Kris' friend, Donna


Sean & Steven








Dick & Jeanne Shefveland with Beverly & Russell Fox


Shirley & Bob Miller with Judy Shaw





Beverly & Russell Fox


Louis Teller & Judy Shaw





Terry O'Donnell & Linda Ciotti at the CD sales table


Judy Shaw





Judy Shaw & Sheryl Buss


Barb & Karl Burkhardt with Judy Shaw





Judy Shaw & Frances Young


David Patterson & Kathleen Garvin





Don & Marilyn (Michigan) with daughter Leanne Cory McEachran (Arizona)


Bonnie & Harry Hoover





Courtney and her mom, Cheryl


Audrey Gottshall & Evelyn Ferstl





Judy, Dick, Jeanne, Tracy, Elaine, Sharon, Karen & Sheryl


Sharon, Karen, Sheryl, Judy, Dick, Jeanne, Tracy, Elaine






Dick & Jeanne Shefveland







Elaine DeBruyn and Karen Clark


Linda Ciotti & Terry O'Donnell





Sheryl Buss & Elaine DeBruyn


Terry O'Donnell & Judy Shaw





Jeanne & Dick Shefveland


Karen Clark, Lorraine Difiore, Helen Ronci, Elaine DeBruyn, Sheryl Buss & Sharon Stark





Judy Shaw


Elaine DeBruyn & Sharon Stark





Karen Clark


Terry O'Donnell





Linda Ciotti


Ma & Inese Wallace





David & Sheree Sauter


Denn & Judy Brendemuehl with Shea





Kathy Bassett, Penny Schlerch, Sharon Stark, Judy Shaw & Jeanne Shefveland


Evelyn Ferstl, Tracy Goodwin & Inese Wallace







Ralna with beautiful birthday cake provided by Lee Stewart







Mary Lou Metzger & Cheryl Uhler





Judy Shaw & Cheryl Uhler


Curt & Cheryl Uhler & daughter Erica with Ralna





Cheryl Uhler with Shea Brendemuehl


Mary Lou Metzger with the Temple t-shirt Louis bought her





Mary Lou Metzger & Louis Teller


Louis & Ralna





Louis with Anacani


Guy & Sis Hovis, Louis, Marilyn Delo





Ken Delo & Louis


Ralna & Louis








Sean, Judy & Steven


Sheryl & Evelyn






Louis Teller, Sheryl Buss, Jeanne & Dick Shefveland


Judy Shaw, Mary Lou Metzger, Ralna, Linda Ciotti, Terry O'Donnell





Marilyn & Don Cory with Ralna


Anacani & Ralna








Ralna with Dick & Jeanne


Ralna thanking the fans for the party/gifts





Shea with Ken & Marilyn Delo


Brendemuehls with Ralna





Karen Clark & Sheryl Buss


Shirley & Bob Miller with Mary Lou





Ralna & Sheryl


Louis, Sheryl, Jeanne & Dick





Judy, Mary Lou, Ralna, Linda & Terry


Peggy Wardenberg & Judy B





Tracy Goodwin


Jeanne & Dick, Elaine, Sheryl, Karen Isgett, Karen Clark, Sharon





, Nina Taylor with friend Karen Isgett, Sharon, Jeanne & Dick, Sheryl


Jeanne & Dick, Sheryl, Nina, Karen I, & Sharon





Don & Marilyn with Sis Hovis


Don & Marilyn Cory with Sis & Guy Hovis





Judy & Ralna


Doug Menier & Beth, Jim Boehler, Helen Ronci, Lorraine





Shea, Judy & Denn Brendemuehl, Russell & Beverly Fox


Leanne, Kris & Donna





Mary Morrison, Don & Marilyn Cory


Peter & Doris Zizzi, Ken Knaell, Leroy Williams & his mother





Cheryl & daughter Courtney, Audrey & Evelyn


Tracy, Sharon, Sheryl, Karen Clark, Elaine DeBruyn





Dick & Jeanne Shefveland, Tracy Goodwin and others in background


Tracy Goodwin, Elaine DeBruyn, Karen Clark, Sheryl Buss, Dick & Jeanne Shefveland, Sharon Stark





Curt & Cheryl Uhler


Mark & Erica (Uhler's daughter)





Sheryl Buss


Karen Clark