Guy & Ralna

Escondido, CA - March 2013

Photos submitted by Dick & Jeanne Shefveland and Debbie Brown




Jeanne & Dick with Mary Lou Metzger


Jeanne, Mary Lou Metzger & Debbie Brown





Jeanne with Richard Maloof & Mary Lou Metzger


Dick with Richard Maloof & Mary Lou Metzger





Guy, Jeanne, Kathy Bassett, Debbie, Dick, Ralna & Rena Yeager


Guy & Ralna





Statue of Lawrence Welk outside theater







Jeanne, Mary Lou & Debbie


Jeanne, Guy, Ralna, Kathy, Debbie & Dick





Guy, Jeanne, Kathy, Debbie, Dick, Ralna & Rena


Sis Hovis & Susie Dowdy with Buddy







Guy & Ralna with Kathy Bassett








Lawrence Welk logo on floor of theater lobby