From: sbussphoto
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 11:01:35 EST
Subject: [WelkNotes] Elmbrook Church Welk Performance

Hi Welk Noters,

Just wanted to remind those of you planning to go to the June 26 performance in Brookfield, WI, that they are taking orders for the tickets now.  Ordered front row tickets this morning and once they get the tickets from the church, probably in February, they will send them out.

The person to call to order tickets is Julie Thompson at her direct number at 414-297-8051.  She works for the public television station and will be working with the tickets this year.  I asked her permission to put her name and number on line and she said yes.

This is the performance where you can also buy a ticket for the reception following with the performers.  I believe there are only 200 tickets for the reception sold.

According to the information, Ralna, Bobby and Elaine, Joann Castle and Tom Netherton will be performing.

I've been wondering, has anyone heard how Bobby is doing with his new hip?

I'm so excited.  This is the same weekend that my cousin's daughter is getting married in Washington and Mother and I decided that we wouldn't be going out for that.  So, that meant .......  Welk, here we come!

Sheryl in Minnesota