Several WelkNoters attended the PBS taping of "Marvin Hamlisch Presents:  The 70's, The Way We Were" in St. Charles, MO.  Guy & Ralna performed in the show as well as several other stars of the 1970's.  


Sheryl Buss & Betty Stenger


Sheryl Buss, Betty Stenger, Dick Shefveland, Jeanne Shefveland, Arlene Boner



Dick Shefveland


Betty Stenger



Jeanne Shefveland, Arlene Boner  

& Sheryl Buss


Art Oliver, Sheryl Buss, Terry O'Donnell, Arlene Boner, Jeanne Shefveland, Dick Shefveland, Betty Stenger, Judy & Dennis Brendemuehl with son Shea

Having lunch at Bob Evans before show



Dick, Betty & Judy



Dennis, Shea & Judy Brendemuehl



Arlene, Judy, Sheryl, Betty, Dennis & Art Oliver

Shea & Terry kneeling



Dennis, Shea & Judy Brendemuehl



Sheryl Buss



Betty Stenger & Shea Brendemuehl



Back:  Judy, Sheryl, Betty, Arlene, Art, Dennis

Front:  Terry & Shea


Art Oliver with friends Art & Carol Garrett



Back:  Art, Betty, Jeanne & Dick

Middle:  Shea, Sis Hovis, Sheryl, Arlene, Judy & Dennis

Front:  Terry



Shea, Sheryl, Terry, Jeanne & Dick, Betty, Arlene, Art, Judy & Dennis

At restaurant after second taping


Maggie & Ken Letterman and Jennifer Johnson visit Charles Letterman in Branson, MO






Charles, Jennifer, Maggie & Ken at Olive Garden


Ken, Maggie, Jennifer & Charles at Lamberts