Sisters debut new doll line

By Joshua Clark

Staff Writer

Originally published Dec. 5, 2009

In addition to performing in Branson and all over the world, Janet and Kathy Lennon have branched out, debuting their own line of rag dolls, reminiscent of those they had growing up.

“When Kathy and I were growing up, we were always very close and called each other best pals,” Janet Lennon said. “We were a large family who were very close.”

The very young Lennons received even more family members on one particular Christmas.

“When I was 3 and Janet was 6, we came downstairs one Christmas morning to see mom had helped Santa out, and in our stockings were these rag dolls,” Kathy Lennon said. “They were so loveable, and we called them our best pals, as well.”

When the girls would go out on the road, they would be sure to bring the dolls along with them.

“We had special suitcases to put them in and they would sleep with us in the hotels,” Janet Lennon said. “It was like taking a little bit of home with us.”

Janet and Kathy decided to recreate those special dolls that were made by their mother and grandmother.

“We did this right down to the vintage fabric,” Kathy Lennon said. “This way, other generations of children can know what it is to love a soft rag doll.”

The family of dolls just keeps on growing, and there is also a Christmas CD available called “Best Pals Celebrate Christmas.” The CD features the sisters, as well as three of Janet Lennon’s granddaughters. A new CD called “Best Pals Sing Together” was also recently released.

“We had so much fun recording with the girls,” Janet Lennon said.

For more information, visit or lennonsisters.Com.