"April Showers"
Host: Bobby Burgess
ORIGINAL AIR DATE:  April 1, 1967

"April Showers" - Kathy, Steve, Natalie, Jimmy, Barbara, Bobby, Dianne, Jack, with Bob Havens on trombone, Mahlon Clark on clarinet and Dick Cathcart on trumpet

"Wish Me a Rainbow" -  orchestra

"Look for the Silver Lining" - Norma Zimmer and Jimmy Roberts

"Stormy Weather" - †Bob Ralston at the piano

"It Looks Like Rain in Cherry Blossom Lane" - The 4 Lennon Sisters

"Singiní in the Rain" - †sung and danced by Bobby Burgess, Arthur Duncan and Jack Imel

"April Love" - †Steve Smith

"April in Portugal" - †orchestra

"Look to the Rainbow" - Natalie Nevins

"The Swiss Boy Shoe Dance" - danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan, with Myron Floren on concertina

"A Garden in the Rain" - Joe Feeney

"You are My Sunshine" - Jo Ann Castle on the ragtime piano, with Neil Levang on banjo

"Over the Rainbow" -†Norma Zimmer

"Rain" - †danced by Arthur Duncan

"Itís a Lovely Day" - Kathy Lennon and Steve Smith

"Rhythm of the Rain" - Frank Scott at the piano

"It Ainít Gonna Rain No More" - Larry Hooper

"Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall" - Dick Dale

"In the Garden" - †Norma Zimmer, with Charlie Parlato, Dick Cathcart, Curt Ramsey and Steve Smith