"Backstage with Our Musical Family"
Host: Mary Lou Metzger
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: April 4, 1981

"Teamwork," the opening number, defines what it takes to create a
Lawrence Welk television show and the host, Mary Lou Metzger, takes you
"Backstage with Our Musical Family" for a behind-the-scenes look.
She dances with Jack Imel in "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails" and then joins
the Welk girls for "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter."

01 - Team Work: - orchestra intro. Sherry, Sheila, David, Roger, Kathy, Jimmy, Tom,
        Anacani, Gail, Michael, Ron, Mary Lou, Jim

02 - You're My Best Friend: Guy Hovis & Ralna English

03 - You Gotta Have Heart: orchestra

04 - Without a Song: Joe Feeney

05 - Dance Lesson: sung & danced by Bobby Burgess & Elaine Niverson

06 - A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody: Tom Netherton

07 - What Kind of Clown Am I?: Ken Delo

08 - One of Those Songs: The Aldridge Sisters & the Otwell Twins

09 - Strike Up the Band: orchestra

10 - Send in the Clowns: orchestra with Gail, Sherry, Sheila, Mary Lou, Anacani, Guy,
       Jimmy, Tom, Ron, Michael

11 - Fine and Dandy: danced by Arthur Duncan

12 - September in the Rain: Kathie Sullivan

13 - Fantastic, That's You: Gail Farrell, Ron Anderson & Michael Redman

14 - The Lady in Red: Anacani

15 - Top Hat, White Tie & Tails: sung and danced by Mary Lou Meztger & Jack Imel

16 - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter: Gail, Ralna, Kathie, Sherry,
       Sheila, Anacani

17 - Dizzy Fingers: Myron Floren on accordion

18 - Applause: orchestra. Ralna, Guy, Jim, Mary Lou, Kathie, Jimmy, Anacani, Tom,
       Sherry, Sheila, David, Roger, Michael, Gail, Ron