"Can't Help Singing"
Host: Mary Lou Metzger
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Nov. 12, 1966


"Looking for Love" - Dianne, Kathy, Janet, Norma, Barbara, Jack, Arthur, Bobby, Jimmy, Larry

"Poor Butterfly" - Bob Ralston at the piano

"Cuddle Up a Little Closer" - Natalie Nevins and Jimmy Roberts

"Spanish Samba" - orchestra, featuring Myron Floren on accordion

"Just a Little Street Where Old Friends Meet" - Dianne, Kathy and Janet Lennon and Barbara Boylan

"When My Baby Smiles at Me" - orchestra

"Iím in His Care" - The Blenders

"Intermezzo" - Joe Livoti on violin

"Winchester Cathedral" - orchestra, featuring Bob Lido on vocals

"Romany Life (The Gypsy Song)" - danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan, with the Blenders on vocals

"Canít Help Singing" - Norma Zimmer

"I Know When Iím Happy" - sung and danced by Arthur Duncan

"Martha" - orchestra

"Just Lucky I Guess" - Bob Lido

"Softly, As I Leave You" - Joe Feeney, with Frank Scott on the harpsichord

"Luluís Back in Town" - Jo Ann Castle with Charlie, Bob L., Jack, Bobby, Aladdin and a comedy assist by Larry Hooper

"(Wonít You Come Home) Bill Bailey" - Jo Ann Castle on the honky tonk piano, with Jack Imel on marimba and spoons

"My Truly, Truly Fair" - Dick Dale, with the Lennon Sisters (Barbara stepping in for Peggy) and the Blenders

"When the Saints Go Marching In" - orchestra, featuring Johnny Klein on drums, Dick Cathcart on trumpet and Bob Havens on trombone

"Somebody Else is Taking My Place" - Jimmy Roberts