“County Fair"

Host:  Mary Lou Metzger

Original Air Date:  April 12, 1975


"Cotton Candy and a Toy Balloon" - Guy, Ralna, Ken, Gail, Anacani, Bobby, Cissy, Joe, Mary Lou, Tom, Sandi, Ava, Arthur, Tanya, Clay, Larry, Jimmy, Norma

"Medley from “Carousel”" - orchestra

"Have I Stayed too Long at the Fair" - Norma Zimmer

"Sugar Time" - Anacani and Tanya Falan

"It’s Fun Going to the County Fair" - sung and danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King, with Gail, Larry, Jimmy, Guy, Ralna, Sandi, Arthur, Norma, Tom

"The Rodeo Cowboy" - Clay Hart (also on guitar), with Sandi Griffiths and Gail Farrell

"Round and Round" - Norma, Tanya, Sandi, Mary Lou, Anacani, Cissy, Gail

"The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down" - Bob Ralston on the organ

"Let’s All Go Down to the River" - Guy Hovis and Ralna English

"Meet Me in St. Louis - Myron Floren on accordian, danced by Arthur Duncan

"Heigh Ho! Come to the Fair" - Joe Feeney, with Myron Floren on accordian

"Candy Man" - orchestra

"Gonna Get Along Without You Now" - Ava Barber

"John Henry" - Dick Dale

"Dance of the Comedians" - Myron Floren on accordian

"Just a Closer Walk With Thee"- Tom Netherton, with Ralna, Guy, Sandi, Larry, Joe, Gail, Bobby, Cissy

"Put on a Happy Face" - Ken Delo

"Papa Won’t You Dance With Me" - sung and danced by Jack Imel and Mary Lou Metzger, with entire cast

"There’s Something About a Hometown Band" - entire cast and orchestra