“Easy Listening”

Guests:  Clay & Sally Hart

Original Air Date:  December 6, 1980
Note: Because 12/06/80 was Clay and Sally's 6th Wedding anniversary,
this show was actually taped on October 21, 1980 so they didn't have to
work on their anniversary...!!

Lawrence, the Band, the Singers, and ... Easy Listening! This show opens
with the band playing "Sweet and Lovely," and that sets the mood for the
following hour. Bobby and Elaine dance the English quickstep to
"Whispering," Skeets Herfurt plays a beautiful sax solo in "Someone
to Watch Over Me." Guy Hovis teams up with Neil LeVang to perform
"For the Good Times."

01 - Sweet and Lovely


02 - Let Me Be There

              Ron Anderson, Gail Farrell and Michael Redman
              (Mr. Welk called it Gail's Trio)

03 - Whispering

              Bobby Burgess and Elaine Niverson dance the English Quickstep

04 - United We Stand

               Sally and Clay Hart return as guest stars singing for the first time
               TOGETHER on the Lawrence Welk Show with the orchestra

05 - Someone To Watch Over Me

               Skeets Herfurt featured on saxophone

06 - Stand By Your Man

               Ava Barber

07 - Mr. Bojangles

               Danced by Arthur Duncan with vocal by Anacani,
               Gail Farrell and Mary Lou Metzger

08 - Everybody's Talkin'

               Jim Turner vocal and classical guitar

09 - What Now My Love


10 - Stardust  (Concert Arrangement conducted by George Cates)

                Orchestra featuring Henry Cuesta on clarinet

11 - There's A Kind Of Hush (All Over The World)

                The Aldridge Sisters (Sheila & Sherry)
                 AND The Otwell Twins (Roger & David)

12 - The Jolly Polka

                 Myron Floren on Accordion - danced by Bobby and Elaine

13 - Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man (o' Mine - From SHOWBOAT)

                 Orchestra featuring Johnny Zell on trumpet with vocal back
                 up by Ava Barber, Sheila Aldridge, Gail Farrell, Anacani
                 and Sherry Aldridge

14 - Spanish Eyes

                 Ken Delo with Bob Ralston on the brand new
                 Hammond Eleganté Organ

15 - Everything Old Is New Again

                 Mary Lou Metzger and Jack Imel singing and dancing

16 - Una Paloma Blanca

                 Anacani singing and dancing

17 - For The Good Times

                 Guy Hovis with Neil Le Vang on guitar

18 - What The World Needs Now (Is Love Sweet Love)

                 Full cast backing featured guests, Clay and Sally Hart
                  Ava, Jim, Jimmy, Anacani, Sherry, Sheila, David, Roger,
                 Curt, Ken, Mary Lou, Gail, Ron, Michael