“Fashion & Hits Through The Years"

Guest: Mary LouMetzger

Original Air Date:  October 23, 1971

"Button Up Your Overcoat" - Bobby, Cissy, Ken, Mary Lou, Joe, Gail, Jimmy, Salli, Dick, Sandi

"Somebody Loves Me" - orchestra

"Alice Blue Gown" - Norma Zimmer

"A Shine on Your Shoes" - danced by Arthur Duncan

"Anything Goes" - Sandi Griffiths and Salli Flynn

"Play, Fiddle, Play" - Joe Livoti on violin and Neil Levang on guitar

"Top Hat, White Tie and Tails" - sung and danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King

"Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree" -  Dick Dale and Gail Farrell

"The White Cliffs of  Dover" - Joe Feeney

"In the Mood" - orchestra featuring Russ Klein on saxophone, Bob Havens on trombone, Peanuts Hucko on clarinet, Bob Smale at the piano, danced by Bobby Burgess & Cissy King

"Hoop Dee Doo" - Myron Floren on accordion with Cissy, Gail, Mary Lou, Sandi, Salli. Lawrence dancing with the girls

"Hey There" - Tanya Falan with pianist Bob Smale

"Get Me to the Church on Time"  - orchestra featuring Bob Ralston at the harpsichord

"Anema E Core" - Jimmy Roberts

"Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long"  -  sung by Mary Lou Metzger with Charlie Parlato and dancers Bobby Burgess and Jack Imel and Bob Ralston at the piano

"Everything Is Beautiful "- Clay Hart (also on guitar) with Sandi, Norma, Gail, Salli

"Cabaret" - Bob Lido and the Hotsy Totsy Boys (Bob Ralston, Charlie Parlato, Bob Havens, Russ Klein, Jack Imel, Richard Maloof)

Theme from “Love Story”- Ken Delo with Dick, Gail, Joe, Mary Lou, Salli, Arthur, Norma, Jimmy, Sandi, Bobby, Cissy

"Put on Your Sunday Clothes" - Salli, Dick, Sandi, Arthur, Cissy and Bobby (also dancing), Gail, Ken, Mary Lou, Joe, Norma, Jimmy