“French Show”

Host:  Mary Lou Metzger with guest Janet Lennon

Original Air Date:   February 15, 1964

This black and white classic features Aladdin giving Janet Lennon a “French Lesson,” Jimmy Roberts asking “Where is Your Heart?” and the Champagne Lady Norma Zimmer sings “Paris in the Spring.” Join all the Champagne Music Makers on a trip down the “River Seine.” 

"Valentina" - orchestra intro., danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan

"Dominique" -  Lennon Sisters (Peggy, Kathy, Janet)

"Pigalle" -  Neil Levang on mandolin, Buddy Merrill on guitar and Myron Floren on accordion

"Paris in the Spring" -  Norma Zimmer

"My Man" -  Jo Ann Castle on piano

"Louise" -  Aladdin

"Theme from “Carnival” (Love Makes the World Go Round)" - danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan

"Poor People of Paris" - orchestra

"Theme from “Moulin Rouge” (Where is Your Heart?)" - Jimmy Roberts

"Mimi" - Frank Scott on piano, danced by Jack Imel

"Je Vous Aime Beaucoup" - Peggy Lennon

"Petite Waltz" - orchestra, danced by Lawrence Welk and Barbara Boylan

"Chantez" - Dick Dale, with Peggy, Kathy, Janet, Norma

"Le Vie en Rose" - orchestra, featuring Don Bonnee on clarinet

"French Lesson" -  Janet Lennon and Aladdin

"Under Paris Skies" - Joe Livoti on violin and Myron Floren on concertina

"Mamselle" - orchestra, featuring Frank Scott on harpsichord

"Parlez Moi d’Amour (Speak to Me of Love)" - Bob Lido, with Frank Scott on piano

"Just a Gigolo" - Larry Hooper

"Can Can" - Dixieland band featuring Don Bonnee on clarinet, Dick Cathcart on trumpet, Bob Havens on trombone