"Harvest on the Farm"
Host: Bobby Burgess
A square dance opens the "Harvest on the Farm" show, called by none other than the host, Bobby Burgess. Guy Hovis sings "Thank God I'm a Country Boy," the band plays "Wabash Cannonball" and Ken Delo sings "The Chicken Song" to Tanya, who wears a big yellow chicken costume. Ralna and Guy sing "Everything is Beautiful," and Ralna joins in on "The Chicken Song."

HARVEST ON THE FARM                 Host: Bobby Burgess                     Sept. 13, 1975

(Theme referred to as HARVEST TIME in actual show)

1 - Square Dance - Fiddle section, danced by Bobby, Cissy, Ken, Tanya, Jack, Mary Lou, Dick, Gail, called by Bobby Burgess

2 - Everything Is Beautiful - Guy Hovis and Ralna English

3 - Indian Summer - Henry Cuesta on clarinet with orchestra

4 - It Is No Secret - Ava Barber

5 - When We All Get Together in the Fall - sung by Gail, Joe, Ralna, Guy, Cissy, Bobby, Tanya, Ken, Norma, Jimmy, Mary Lou, Jack, Sandi, Larry, danced by Bobby, Cissy, Jack and Mary Lou

6 - They Call the Wind Mariah - Tom Netherton with Bob Ralston at the organ

7 - Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree - orchestra

8 - Rancho Alegre - Anacani

9 - How Ya Gonna Keep' em Down on the Farm? - Sung and danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King

10 - Thank God I'm a Country Boy - Guy Hovis (also on guitar) with Bob Lido on violin, Richard Maloof on bass, Johnny Klein on drums, Neil Levang on guitar

11 - I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad - Ken Delo with the Hotsy Totsy Boys (Bob Havens on trombone, Jack Imel on drums, Russ Klein on saxophone, Charlie Parlato on trumpet, Neil Levang on banjo, Richard Maloof on tuba)

12 - The Chicken Song (I Ain't Gonna Take it Sittin' Down) - Ken Delo and Tanya Falan with comedy assist by Ralna English

13 - Medley of songs from "Oklahoma!" - orchestra with vocals by Joe Feeney on "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"

14 - Top of the World - The Semonski Sisters

15 - Wabash Cannonball - orchestra featuring Johnny Zell on trumpet, Neil Levang on electric guitar and Henry Cuesta on clarinet

16 - Autumn Leaves - Norma Zimmer with Bob Ralston at the piano

17 - Walking the Floor Over You - danced by Arthur Duncan

18 - Shine on Harvest Moon - Jimmy Roberts with the audience, the Semonski Sisters, Tanya, Ken, Joe, Gail, Guy, Ralna, Bobby, Cissy, Larry, Anacani, Ava, Tom, Mary Lou, Dick, Norma, with Bob Ralston on organ

19 - Oh Johnny - Michelle Semonski

20 - Square Dance brief reprise, dancers: Bobby, Cissy, Jack, Mary Lou, Dick, Gail, Ken, Tanya