"Island Show"
Host: Jim Hobson
Jim Hobson, Producer/Director of the Lawrence Welk Show, hosts the beautiful "Island Show," a tribute to the Hawaiian Islands. Bob Ralston plays "Sweet Leilani," Tanya sings "Hukilau," Dick Dale and Andra Willis sing the "Hawaiian Wedding Song" and the cast does "Che Che Kookamoo," with Jack Imel dressed as a huge Island bird.

ISLAND SHOW                     Host:  Jim Hobson                     Jan. 20, 1968

1 – On the Beach at Waikiki - orchestra intro., Andra, Dick, Jimmy, Norma, Sandi, Salli, Tanya, Steve, Larry, Natalie, Cissy, Bobby, Lynn, Joe

2 – Beyond the Reef - Norma Zimmer

3 – Pagan Love Song - danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King

4 – Hawaiian War Chant - Sandi Jensen and Salli Flynn

5 – Blue Hawaii - Steve Smith

6 – There’s No Place Like Hawaii - Jo Ann Castle on honky tonk piano, with Buddy Merrill on steel guitar and Neil Levang on electric guitar

7 – One Paddle, Two Paddle - Cissy, Steve, Andra, Dick, Jo Ann, with a comedy assist by Charlie Parlato

8 – Lovely Hula Hands - Curt Ramsey and Dick Cathcart, danced by guest child dancer, Liza Marie Octaviano

9 – Tiny Bubbles - Lynn Anderson, with Buddy Merrill on steel guitar

10 – Yellow Bird - Myron Floren on accordion, with Frank Scott on the Vox organ

11 – Bail Ha’i - Natalie Nevins

12 – Chee Chee Kookaroo - Larry Hooper with Salli, Sandi, Natalie, Bobby, Steve, Jo Ann, Dick and Jack Imel in bird costume

13 – Avalon - danced by Arthur Duncan

14 – Now is the Hour - Norma Zimmer and Jimmy Roberts

15 – The Only Man on the Island - Larry Hooper with Tanya, Lynn, Salli, Sandi, Norma, Andra, Natalie, Cissy and a comedy assist by Charlie Parlato

16 – Hukilau - Tanya Falan

17 – Hawaiian Instrumental Display - performed and danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King

18 – Hawaiian Wedding Song - Dick Dale and Andra Willis

19 – Under a Coconut Tree - Bob Lido, also on ukelele

20 – Some Enchanted Evening - Joe Feeney, with Frank Scott at the piano