"Italian Special"
Host: Tanya Welk Roberts
Tanya Roberts is a "double" host for this "Italian Special." She co-hosted it with Lawrence Welk in 1976 and hosts it today on public television. She is featured in the opening number, "That's Amore," and sings "Eh Compari" with Bob Lido and Charlie Parlato. Norma Zimmer sings "Three Coins in the Fountain" and Ken Delo visits "The Isle of Capri."

ITALIAN SPECIAL           Host: Tanya Welk Roberts           Dec. 11, 1976

1 - That's Amore
Tanya Falan with Kathie, Larry, Anacani, Arthur, Ava, Tom, Norma, Joe, Ken, Jamie, with guest Frank Morocco on accordion

2 - Ciribiribin
Johnny Zell on trumpet

3 - My Love, Forgive Me
Tom Netherton

4 - Melody of Love
danced by Lawrence Welk and Barbara Boylan, with Joe Livoti on violin

5 - Three Coins in the Fountain
Norma Zimmer

6 - Eh, Cumpari
Tanya Falan with Charlie Parlato (also on trumpet), Bob Lido (also on violin), Russ Klein on piccolo and Frank Morocco on the accordion

7 - Isle of Capri
Ken Delo with trombonist Bob Havens, clarinetist Henry Cuesta and trumpetist Johnny Zell

8 - Anema e Core

9 - Tarentella
danced by Tanya Falan and Barbara Boylan, with Frank Morocco on accordion. Reprised with Lawrence and Tanya's grandmother dancing

10 - Big Noise from Winnetka
Charlie Parlato on trumpet with son Chris on drums and son Dave on bass

11 - The Hard Partís Over and the Loviní Part Begins
Ava Barber

12 - Coppelia

13 - Golf segment
Lawrence, guest golfer Laura Ball and announcer Bob Warren

14 - Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight
Kathie Sullican with Bob Smale at the piano

15 - Theme from "La Strada"
orchestra featuring Johnny Zell on trumpet, Dave Edwards on saxophone and Joe Livoti on violin

16 - Carnival of Venice
danced by Arthur Duncan

17 - Arrivederci, Roma
Joe Feeney with Bob Smale at the piano

18 - Oh, How My Heart Beats
Semonski Sisters with Frank Morocco on the accordion, danced by Lawrence Welk and Barbara Boylan 19 - Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn entire cast