"Family of Nations"
Host: Tim Padilla
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: November 29, 1975

Accordionist Tim Padilla, one of the members of the Welk Band at the Champagne Theatre in Branson, Missouri, hosts this week's "Family of Nations" show. The
program features Myron Floren, who was a big influence on Tim's life and
career. Myron plays "Johnny Oslo," "Over the Waves," "Du Du Liegst Mir" and
"Galway Bay," accompanying Joe Feeney.

01 - It’s a Big, Wide, Wonderful World: Ken, Arthur, Anacani, Jimmy, Norma, Tom,
       Sandi, Mary Lou, Tanya, Larry, Gail, Joe

02 - Norwegian Polka, Johnny Oslo Shadish: Myron Floren on accordion, danced by
       Bobby Burgess & Cissy King

03 - Family of Man We’re All His Children: Guy Hovis & Ralna English

04 - E Compari: Tanya Falan with Charlie Parlato (also on trumpet), Bob Davis on flute,
       Bob Lido (also on violin)

05 - Danke Schöen: Tom Netherton

06 - Granada: Henry Cuesta on clarinet

07 - I Love Thee: Norma Zimmer with Bob Ralston at the piano

08 - Over the Waves (The Loveliest Night of the Year): Lawrence Welk on accordion,
       danced by Myron & Cissy and Du Du Leigst Mir Im Herzen (German song):
       Lawrence Welk with Myron Floren on accordion

09 - Wonderful Copenhagen: Sandi Griffith, Gail Farrell, Mary Lou Metzger

10 - Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes: Jimmy Roberts with Bob Ralston at the piano
       and Charlotte Harris on cello

11 - My Melody of Love: The Semonksi Sisters with Myron Floren on accordion

12 - Medley of Jewish Songs: orchestra, danced by Bobby Burgess & Cissy King

13 - Galway Bay: Joe Feeney

14 - Alouette: Ken Delo with Myron Floren on accordion and Gail, Mary Lou, Norma,
       Ralna, Tanya, Cissy, Bobby, Tom, Jimmy, Guy, Larry

15 - Sea Jam Blues: danced by Arthur Duncan

16 - Love Me with All Your Heart (Cuando Calienta El Sol): Anacani

17 - Poor Ol' Calija: Ava Barber

18 - I Give My Thanks to America: Norma, Gail, Mary Lou, Cissy, Anacani, Tanya, Ralna,
       the Semonksi Sisters, Tom, Bobby, Larry, Guy, Ken, Jimmy, Arthur