Host: Roger and David Otwell
Roger and David Otwell host "Morning, Noon & Night," a show celebrating songs with a solar/lunar theme. The Otwell Twins and the Aldridge Sisters sing "Walkin" in the Sunshine," Bobby Burgess and Elaine Balden dance to "Night and Day," Guy Hovis, Jim Turner and the Otwells sing "Delta Dawn," and the band plays "Moonlight in Vermont," "Canadian Sunset" and "Carolina in the Morning."

MORNING, NOON & NIGHT             Hosts: David and Roger Otwell             Jan. 30, 1982

1 - I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine

orchestra intro. Sherry, Roger, Mary Lou, Jim, Sheila, David, Gail, Ron, Michael, Kathie, Jimmy, Ava

2 - Teach Me Tonight

Anacani (also dancing with Lawrence)

3 - Carolina in the Morning


4 - Kiss an Angel Good Morning

Ava Barber

5 - Night and Day

danced by Bobby Burgess & Elaine Niverson

6 - Walking in the Sunshine

The Aldridge Sisters & the Otwell Twins

7 - That Lucky Old Sun

Ken Delo

8 - Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie

danced by Arthur Duncan

9 - Canadian Sunset

orchestra with chorus: Kathie, Sherry, Gail (also solo on obligato), Anacani, Mary Lou, Sheila, David, Roger, Joe, Ron, Michael, Jimmy

10 - Night Must Fall


11 - The Night Is Young

Tom Netherton

12 - Blues in the Night

Gail Farrell, Ron Anderson & Michael Redman

13 - It's a Most Unusual Day

Kathie Sullivan

14 - The Happy Norwegian Polka

Myron Floren on accordion

15 - Delta Dawn

Guy Hovis with Jim Turner & the Otwell Twins

16 - Suppertime

Gail Farrell

17 - Moonlight in Vermont

Skeets Herfurt on saxophone

18 - A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening

Jim, Anacani, Roger, Sheila, Michael, Mary Lou, Kathie, Ron, Gail, David, Sherry, Ken