“Musical Memories”

Host:  Mary Lou Metzger with guest Kathy Lennon

Original Air Date:  January 27, 1968

The group opens this show with “Talk to the Animals,” Norma Zimmer sings “I Get Along Without You,” and the Lennon Sisters ask “Where Are the Words.” Myron Floren and the Band are featured on “Papa Won’t You Dance,” and Joe Feeney feels “There is No Tomorrow.”

"Talk to the Animals" - Larry, Steve, Dick, Charlie, Bob R., Kathy, Janet, Peggy, Diane, danced by Arthur Duncan, Bobby Burgess and Jack Imel

"Windows of Paris" - Frank Scott on harpsichord, Myron Floren on accordion, Neil Levang on guitar and Bob Ralston on organ

"I Get Along Without You" - Norma Zimmer

"Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You" - Tanya Falan

"I Will Wait For You" - Bob Ralston on piano

"Where Are the Words" - The (4) Lennon Sisters

"When I Look in Your Eyes" - Steve Smith

"I Want My Mama" - danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King

"Love Me With All Your Heart (Cuando Calienta el Sol)" - Andra Willis

"There’s No Tomorrow (O Sole Mio)" - Joe Feeney, with Frank Scott on piano

"I Never See Maggie (Andra) Alone" - Dick Dale and Andra Willis, with Charlie, Tanya, Steve, Jo Ann, Larry

"Maid in France (Just One of Those Songs)" - Jo Ann Castle on ragtime piano

"So Nice" - Sandi Jensen and Salli Flynn, with Bob Ralston on harpsichord

"Papa, Won’t You Dance" - Myron Floren on accordion, with Frank Scott on harpsichord

"Quanto le Gusta" - The (4) Lennon Sisters

"Someday" - Jimmy Roberts

"Teamwork" - sung and danced by Jack Imel, Arthur Duncan and Bobby Burgess

"I’ve Been Everywhere" - Lynn Anderson