“Musical Tour of Europe”

Guest:  Guy Hovis

Original Air Date:  December 29, 1973

Lawrence and the gang take a make-believe trip to Europe. Things get going with "Around the World," Guy & Ralna sing "Rock of Ages," and then Bobby and Cissy do a Spanish dance based on the art of bull fighting to "Espana Cani." Norma Zimmer sings "Wonderful Copenhagen," Ken Delo sings "Gigi," Arthur Duncan does some fast stepping to "Danke Schoen," and the whole cast gets together with Myron Floren for a fast and furious "Liechtensteiner Polka!"

01 - Around the World

                Joe, Gail, Bobby, Cissy, Guy, Ralna, Norma, Jimmy, Anacani,
                Ken, Mary Lou, Arthur

02 - Danny Boy

                Clay Hart, also on guitar

03 - Movie Theme Medley:

                Theme from “Summer of ’42” (The Summer Knows),
                Love Theme from “Romeo and Juliet” (A Time For Us),
                Theme from “Love Story” (Where Do I Begin?)
                orchestra, featuring Bob Ralston and Bob Smale on pianos,
                Johnny Zell on trumpet

04 - Rock of Ages

                Guy Hovis and Ralna English

05 - España Cani

                danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King

06 - La Paloma

                Anacani, with Buddy Merrill and Neil Le Vang on guitars

07 - Granada

                Henry Cuesta on clarinet

08 - Stranger in Paradise

                Tom Netherton, with Bob Ralston on piano

09 - Wonderful Copenhagen

                Norma Zimmer

10 - Danke Schoen

                danced by Arthur Duncan

11 - Gigi

                Ken Delo

12 - Holiday in France Medley:

                Valentina, River Seine, Under Paris Skies, La Vie en Rose,
                Madelon, Midnight in Paris, I Love Paris, C’est si Bon

                orchestra featuring Henry Cuesta on clarinet and
                Ralna, Sandi, Anacani, Gail, Mary Lou, Cissy

13 - Somebody Stole My Gal

                Larry Hooper, with Bob Smale on piano

14 - Anema e Core

                Jimmy Roberts, with Charlotte Harris on cello

15 - The King’s Horses and the King’s Men

                sung and danced by Bobby, Cissy, Jack, Mary Lou,
                also sung by Ken, Anacani, Larry, Gail, Norma, Jimmy

16 - Galway Bay

                Joe Feeney, with Bob Ralston on organ

17 - Liechtensteiner Polka

                Myron Floren on accordion with Neil Le Vang on banjo,
                Richard Maloof on tuba, Johnny Klein on drums, danced by
                Bobby and Cissy, sung by chorus

18 - Auf Wiedersehn, Sweetheart

                Guy, Norma, Larry, Anacani, Jimmy, Sandi, Arthur, Ralna,
                Bobby, Cissy, Gail, Clay, Mary Lou, Ken