"My Blue Heaven"
Host: Bobby Burgess
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: June 13, 1964

"My Blue Heaven" - orchestra, featuring Lawrence Welk and Myron Floren on accordions

"Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers medley, including I Wonít Dance and Cheek to Cheek" - sung and danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan

"More" - The Lennon Sisters (Janet, Kathy, Peggy, Dianne)

"Josephine" - orchestra

"Galway Bay" - Joe Feeney

"Hello Dolly" - Jo Ann Castle on ragtime piano

"I Left My Heart in San Francisco" - Jimmy Roberts

" Cindy" - Dick Dale, with the Lennon Sisters

"Sunrise Serenade" - Bob Ralston at the piano

"Doiní the New Low Down" - sung and danced by Arthur Duncan

"Does Your Heart Beat for Me?" - Pete Lofthouse on trombone, with a guest audience member adding a vocal imitation of the trombone

"One Fine Day" - Norma Zimmer

"Tik-A-Tee, Tik-A-Tay' - Myron Floren and Jo Ann Castle on accordions, with Janet Lennon on percussion

"Happy Birthday (to Janet on her 18th birthday)"  - entire cast

"Oh Happy Day" - Larry Hooper

"He" - The Lennon Sisters, with flashbacks of their first appearance in 1955

"Donít Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" - Jimmy Wakely, with Buddy Merrill (also on guitar) and Bobby Bruce (also on violin)

"Flag of the Free" - recitation by Aladdin

" Youíre a Grand Old Flag" - Janet, Dick, Kathy, Larry, Norma, Jimmy, Peggy, Arthur, Barbara, Bobby

"The President Kennedy March" - orchestra