“Rhythm Is Our Business"

Host: Bobby Burgess

Original Air Date:  February 2, 1980


"Crazy Rhythm" - orchestra intro., Jimmy, Ralna, Guy, Ava, Curt, Sheila, Roger, Mary Lou, David, Sherry, Jim, Joe, Gail, Ken, Kathie

"The Sweet and Gentle Cha Cha" - Anacani

"Getting to Know You" - orchestra

"I Can’t Stop Loving You" - guest star Barbara Mandrell

"España Cani - Paso Doble" - danced by Bobby Burgess and Elaine Niverson, with Myron Floren on accordion

"The Sweetest Sounds" - Kathie Sullivan

"Cumana" - Bob Ralston at the piano

"Jamaica Farewell" - Jim Turner (also on guitar) with Paul Humphrey and Jack Imel on drums

"The Orange Blossom Special" - Guy Hovis and Ralna English with fiddlers Neil Levang, Bob Lido, Harry Hyams, Joe Livoti

" The Village Inn Polka" - Myron Floren on accordion, danced by Bobby and Elaine

Medley of songs by Leroy Anderson (including Blue Tango) - orchestra

"Take Me Home, Country Roads" - guest star Barbara Mandrell with Neil Levang on guitar

Medley: Ballin’ The Jack/ The Old Soft Shoe - sung and danced by Mary Lou Metzger and Jack Imel, joined by Kathie Sullivan

"Wabash Cannonball" - Ava Barber

"Dear Heart" - Jimmy Roberts with Bob Ralston at the organ, Ernie Ehrhardt on cello

"The Twist" - The Aldridge Sisters and the Otwell Twins with Russ Klein on saxophone

"Way Down Yonder in New Orleans" - Ken Delo with Bob Havens on trombone

"Rhythm Is His Business" - danced by Arthur Duncan, sung by Gail, Ralna, Kathie, Anacani, Sherry, Sheila

"Boogie Woogie" - orchestra