"Salute to Kathy Lennon"
Host: Kathy Lennon
This 1966 Lawrence Welk Show is "A Salute to Kathy Lennon" and what better host than Kathy Lennon in the 21st Century, sharing some interesting family history and her collection of antiques. The cast opens the program with "A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody" and Kathy follows with "Secret Love." The Lennon Sisters sing "Blue Moon" and Arthur Duncan dances to "Give My Regards to Broadway."
SALUTE TO KATHY LENNON              Host: Kathy Lennon                    March 5,  1966

1 - A Pretty Girl is Like a Melody

Bobby, Bob Duncan, Barbara, Steve, Janet, Greg, Norma, Johnny, Natalie, Jimmy, Jo Ann, Larry, Dick.  Kathy dances with Lawrence, all the men cut in

2 - Secret Love

Kathy Lennon

3 - S’Wonderful


4 - If You Will Charleston with Me

danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan

5 - Music, Music, Music

Jo Ann Castle on honky tonk piano with Neil Levang on banjo

6 - Blue Moon

Dianne, Janet and Kathy Lennon

7 - Moon River

Bob Ralston at the organ

8 - If I Loved You

Norma Zimmer

9 - Bambalina


10 - Thine Alone

Joe Feeney with Frank Scott at the piano

11 - Michael, Row the Boat Ashore - Happy Birthday (to Lawrence)

Eddie Chris Feeney (Joe’s son) with Frank Scott at the piano

12 - Give My Regards to Broadway

danced by Arthur Duncan

13 - Have You Ever Been Lonely?

Kathy Lennon & Steve Smith, while dancing with the entire cast

14 - If You Knew Susie

Larry Hooper

15 - Nola

orchestra, featuring the flute section, and Natalie Nevins on flute

16 - The Irish Washerwoman

Natalie Nevins on flute

17 - By the Light of the Silvery Moon

Natalie Nevins and the Blenders

18 - When You Were Sweet Sixteen

Jimmy Roberts

19 - Hello, My Ragtime Gal

Bob Lido & Aladdin with Jo Ann Castle on the honky tonk piano, and later singing

20 - Untitled Waltz

Mike Dash (Lawrence’s friend) on the accordion with Lawrence and Kathy dancing

21 - The Woodchopper’s Ball

        orchestra, conducted by Kathy, and featuring Mahlon Clark on clarinet and Dick Cathcart       on cornet.  Danced by Kathy and Dick Dale