"Salute To Male Singers"
Host: Tom Netherton
Tom Netherton hosts a "Salute To Male Singers" and celebrates the work of Nat King Cole with his own version of "Mona Lisa." Kathie Sullivan salutes Johnny Mathis with "Chances Are," Jim Turner remembers Hank Williams with "Jambalaya," Ken Delo tips his hat to Frank Sinatra with "My Way," and the bands pays tribute to Sammy Davis, Jr. with "The Candyman."

SALUTE TO MALE SINGERS                 Host: Tom Netherton                     Nov. 15, 1980

1 Hoop Dee Doo

orchestra intro. Myron Floren on accordion, with Ava, Sherry, Mary Lou, Gail, Anacani, Sheila, David, Ron, Michael, Ken, Jimmy, Tom, danced by Bobby Burgess and Elaine Niverson

2 Chances Are

Kathie Sullivan, with Bob Ralston at the piano

3 Sweet Gypsy Rose

Russ Klein on saxophone

4 Old Fashioned Love Song

Gail Farrell, Ron Anderson and Michael Redman

5 New York, New York

danced by Bobby Burgess and Elaine Niverson

6 Mona Lisa

Tom Netherton

7 My Way

Ken Delo

8 I Believe in Music

Aldridge Sisters & Otwell Twins

9 The Candyman

Bob Smale at the piano

10 September Song

orchestra and chorus: Ava, Kathie, Sherry, Gail (also featured on obligato), Mary Lou, Sheila, David, Roger, Ken, Ron, Michael, Curt

11 Jambalaya

Jim Turner (also on guitar)

12 Return to Me

Anacani, with Jack Imel on marimba

13 Too-ra-loo-ra-loo-ra

Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston on the celesta

14 Mack the Knife

Bob Lido (also on violin)

15 Honeymoon Feeling

Ava Barber

16 Straighten Up and Fly Right

danced by Arthur Duncan

17 Because of You

Jimmy Roberts with Joe Livoti on the violin

18 Swanee

Sheila, Anacani, Sherry, Mary Lou, David, Roger, Ken, Ava, Kathie, Gail, Tom, Joe, Ron, Michael and orchestra, featuring Neil Levang on banjo