"Salute to Nashville"
Host: Ava Barber
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: April 30, 1977

This week's show, "Salute to Nashville," is hosted by Tennessee native, Ava Barber, and is one of the few Lawrence Welk Shows that featured country music. Ava sings "Country Roads" Tom Netherton salutes Eddy Arnold with "Make the World Go Away," Cissy and Bobby dance to "How the West Was Won" and Joe Feeney sings the country favorite, "I Really Don't Want to Know."

01 - Take Me Home, Country Roads - Mary Lou, Joe, Cissy, Bobby, Tanya, Guy,
        Ralna, Ava, Gail, Norma, Jimmy, Sandi, Arthur, Anacani, Ken, Larry

02 - Wabash Cannonball - orchestra

03 - Make the World Go Away - Tom Netherton

04 - Sugartime - The Semonski Sisters

05 - Gentle on My Mind - Bob Smale at the piano, Henry Cuesta on clarinet with orchestra

06 - You’re My Best Friend - Guy Hovis (also on guitar) & Ralna English

07 - Waitin’ at the End of Your Run - Ava Barber, with Neil Levang and Richard Maloof
       on guitars

08 - Suddenly, There’s a Valley - Norma Zimmer

09 - Theme from “How the West Was Won” - danced by Bobby Burgess & Cissy King

10 - Release Me - Anacani with orchestra

11 - Oh, Lonesome Me - Sandi Griffiths, Gail Farrell & Mary Lou Metzger

12 - She Never Knew Me - Jimmy Roberts, with Bob Smale on piano

13 - Secret Love - Kathie Sullivan

14 - Bonaparte’s Retreat - Tanya Falan, danced by Arthur Duncan

15 - I Really Don’t Want to Know - Joe Feeney with Bob Ralston at the organ

16 - I’m Walking the Floor Over You - Ken Delo with Neil Levang on guitar

17 - Oh Shenandoah - Dick Dale, Ava Barber and entire cast

18 - Square Dance - Myron Floren on accordion with Neil Levang on guitar,
       danced by Bobby & Cissy with Ken, Anacani, Jack, Mary Lou, Jimmy, Gail