"Salute to the Armed Forces"
Host: Jack Imel

Jack Imel does his hosting duties from the Veteran's Memorial Museum
in Branson, a fitting location for a "Salute to the Armed Forces." The show
is also a tribute to Jack's skill as a producer/choreographer, with highly
creative numbers that range from "How Ya' Gonna Keep 'em Down on
the Farm" and "Alley Cat" to "Pack Up Your Troubles" and "Jack Is Every
Inch a Sailor" that feature most of the Welk Musical Family.

01 – How Ya Gonna Keep ‘em Down on the Farm - Andra, Steve, Cissy, Bobby,
        Tanya, Dick, Natalie, Jimmy, Sandi, Larry, Salli, Joe

02 – If I Loved You - Norma Zimmer

03 – High Tide Boogie (the Skaters’ Waltz) - orchestra,
        danced by Lawrence Welk and Cissy King

04 – Have You Ever Been Lonely - Jimmy Roberts, with Kenny Trimble on trombone

05 – Whispering - danced by Bobbie Burgess and Cissy King

06 –You Were Meant for Me - Bob Ralston on piano

07 – Pack Up Your Troubles in your Old Kitbag and (Smile, Smile, Smile)
        - danced by Arthur Duncan

08 – Red Sails in the Sunset - Natalie Nevins

09 – Alley Cat - Myron Floren on accordion, Buddy Merrill on banjo, Bob Ralston on vox,
        Richard Maloof on bass, and Johnny  Klein and Jack Imel on percussion

10 – Kiss Me Goodbye - Tanya Falan (in Emmy Award skit)

11 – We Like Mountain Music - Andra Willis, with Cissy, Bobby, Jack (also dancing),
        Kenny, Buddy (Beverly Hillbillies skit)

12 – Chambre Separee - Joe Livoti on violin, Bob Ralston on piano

13 – Theme from “The Beverly Hillbillies” - Jo Ann Castle on ragtime piano, with
        Neil Levang on banjo, Richard Maloof on bass, Buddy Merrill on guitar

14 – How About You - Dick Dale and Andra Willis

15 – This is the Army, Mr. Jones - Larry Hooper

16 – I am the Guard (song of the National Guard) - orchestra

17 – Jack is Every Inch a Sailor - Arthur, Jack, Bobby, Steve, Charlie, Jimmy and Dick

18 – Everybody’s Got a Home but Me - Joe Feeney

19 – Cohan Medley:  I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy/ Give My Regards to Broadway/
        You’re a Grand Old Flag - Sandi Jensen and Salli Flynn

20 – Armed Forces Medley:  The U.S. Army Song (“The Caissons Go Rolling Along”)/
        The U.S. Air Force Song (“The Army Air Corps”)/ The U.S. Navy Song
        (“Anchors   Aweigh”)/The Coast Guard Song (Semper Paratus”)/
        The U.S. Marine Corps Song (“The Marines’ Hymn) - orchestra, with Tanya,
        Natalie, Salli, Sandi, Cissy, Andra, Norma, Jimmy, Bob R., Steve, Larry,
        Bobby, Dick, Joe