"Salute to the Working People"
Host: Ken Delo
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: March 06, 1976

"Salute to the Working People," hosted by Ken Delo, features a lively selection
of songs that celebrate occupations. Ken sings "Casey Jones" saluting
railroad workers, Anacani serenades the "Peanut Vendor," and Larry Hooper
performs his ever-popular hit, "The Auctioneer." Bobby and Cissy, Ken and
Anacani, and Mary Lou and Jack honor dancing instructors with "Six Lessons
From Madame La Zonga."

01 - Heigh Ho - Guy, Ralna, Cissy, Mary Lou, Ken, Tanya, Jimmy, Gail, Tom,
                            Arthur, Bobby, Joe, Larry, Anacani

02 - The Peanut Vendor - Anacani

03 - The Candy Man - Orchestra

04 - Do-re-mi - Norma Zimmer and the Semonski Sisters

05 - Let Me Be There - Guy Hovis & Ralna English

06 - Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga - Bobby Burgess & Cissy King
                                                               with Mary Lou & Jack, Anacani & Ken

07 - Cotton Fields - Ava Barber

08 - Far Away Places - Jimmy Roberts with Gail Farrell and Mary Lou Metzger

09 -  Our Director March - Orchestra

10 - I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter - The Semonski Sisters

11 - The Old Rugged Cross - Tom Netherton with Bob Ralston on organ

12 - Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet - Arthur Duncan with Gail, Tanya,
                                                                           Norma, Anacani

13 - Yes, Weve Got no Bananas - Bob Lido, Charlie Parlatto and Tanya Falan

14 - Casey Jones - Ken Delo

15 - Good News - Danced by Bobby Burgess, Cissy King,
                               Jack Imel and Mary Lou Metzger

16 - What a Wonderful World - Joe Feeney with Tom, Guy, Ava, Norma, Jimmy,
                                                        Tanya, Anacani, Arthur, Ralna, Gail

17 - The Auctioneer Song - Larry Hooper

(Lawrence Welk introduces Meredith Wilson who is in the studio audience)

18 - Medley of songs from the Music Man - Orchestra conducted by George Cates.
       (76 Trombones, Lida Rose, Till There Was You)