“School Days”
Host: Myron Floren and Burgess Family
Original Air Date:  Sept. 18, 1971

Myron Floren hosts “School Days” and enjoys hearing the special memories of
his four Burgess grandchildren, who coax him to play their favorite songs.
Joe Feeney remembers a “Sweetheart of Sigma Chi,” Tanya sings
“Autumn Leaves” and Myron plays “Shall We Dance.” Guy and Ralna sing,
“Put Your Hand in the Hand.”

01 – School Days - Ken, Mary Lou, Dick, Gail, Joe, Bobby, Cissy, Norma, Jimmy,
                                  danced by Arthur Duncan

02 – "A" You’re Adorable (Alphabet Song) - Sandi Griffiths and Salli Flynn,
                                                                                with Charlie Parlato

03 – Shall We Dance - Myron Floren on accordion, danced by Bobby Burgess
                                        and Cissy King

04 – Good Ol’ Murphy High - Dick Dale, with Guy, Ralna, Kenny Trimble,
                                                    with Buddy Merrill on dobro

05 – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - orchestra, danced by Lawrence Welk and
                                                         Cissy King

06 – Autumn Leaves - Tanya Falan, with Bob Ralston on piano

07 – Put Your Hand in the Hand - Guy Hovis and Ralna English

08 – Music to Watch Girls By - danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King

09 – September Song - Norma Zimmer

10 – Woodchopper’s Ball - orchestra, featuring Peanuts Hucko on clarinet,
                                                 Bob Havens on trombone, Russ Klein on saxophone,
                                                 Bob Smale on piano, Richard Maloof on bass

11 – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious - Mary Lou, Guy, Ralna, Sandi, Dick,
                                                                          Salli, Norma, Charlie, Gail, Joe, Ken,
                                                                          Jimmy, Bobby and Cissy (also dancing)

12 – You Gotta Be a Football Hero - danced by Arthur Duncan, with Guy, Bobby,
                                                                 Dick, Jimmy, Charlie, Ken, Joe

13 – The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi - Joe Feeney

14 – Do, Re, Mi - Mary Lou Metzger, with Salli, Sandi, Ken, Charlie, Gail, Joe, Dick

15 – Gotta Travel On - Clay Hart, also on guitar, with Buddy Merrill on dobro,
                                         Neil Levang on guitar, Richard Maloof on bass,
                                         Johnny Klein on drums

16 – Mandy is Two - Ken Delo, singing to daughter Kimberly

17 – Medley from "The Music Man" -
        76 Trombones                              trombone section
        Goodnight My Someone             Norma Zimmer
        Gary, Indiana                               danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King
        Till There Was You                      Jimmy Roberts
        Trouble                                          Jack Imel and entire cast
        76 Trombones (Reprise)             trombone section and entire cast

18 – Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehn - entire cast