"Show Stoppers"
Host: Bobby Burgess and Elaine Balden
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: November 19, 1979
Bobby Burgess and Elaine Balden, with their talented family members, host
"Show Stoppers," a program filled with the best of American popular music
and an amazing five dance numbers from the talented team. The band plays
"In the Mood," Kathie Sullivan sings "Over the Rainbow," Ken Delo sings
"Hello Dolly" and Tom Netherton sings "If Ever I would Leave You"
from the Broadway musical, "Camelot."

01 - Thatís Entertainment

        Sherry, Sheila, Anacani, Gail, Kathie, Ava, Mary Lou, Ken, Jimmy,
       Jim, David, Roger, Joe, danced by Bobby & Elaine

02 - I Write the Songs

        Guy Hovis & Ralna English

03 - If Ever I Would Leave You

        Tom Netherton

04 - In the Mood

        orchestra, danced by Lawrence Welk & Elaine Niverson,
        with Bobby Burgess cutting in

05 - Hello Dolly

        Ken Delo with Bob Smale at the piano and Henry Cuesta on clarinet

06 - The St. Louis Blues

        Henry Cuesta on clarinet with orchestra

07 - Eres Tu


08 - Fascination

        danced by Bobby Burgess & Elaine Niverson

09 - Rhapsody in Blue

        Bob Ralston at the piano with orchestra and chorus:
        Ava, Anacani, Ralna, Gail. Kathie, Mary Lou,
        Joe, Ken, Jimmy, Guy, Larry and Henry Cuesta on clarinet

10 - Cotton Fields

        The Aldridge Sisters & the Otwell Twins

11 - Somewhere My Love

        Bob Ralston at the organ with Ernie Ehrhardt on cello

12 - Over the Rainbow

        Kathie Sullivan with pianist Bob Smale

13 - Me and My Shadow

        sung and danced by Bobby Burgess, Elaine Niverson,
       Jack Imel, Mary Lou Metzger

14 - Release Me

        Ava Barber & Jim Turner (also on guitar)

15 - I Left My Heart in San Francisco

        Jimmy Roberts

16 - Mr. Bojangles

        danced by Arthur Duncan, sung by Guy Hovis with Neil Levang on banjo

17 - The Beer Barrel Polka

        The Beer Barrel Polka - Myron Floren on accordion, danced by
        Bobby & Elaine, sung by Dick, Curt, Joe, Kenny, Charlie,
        Bob Lido, Ken, Larry