"Southtown USA"

Host: Mary Lou Metzger with guest, Barbara Boylan

ORIGINAL AIR DATE:February 22, 1964

The entire cast opens the program with "Southtown USA," followed by the
lovely Lennon Sisters singing "Humming Bird." Ever-charming Champagne
Lady, Norma Zimmer recalls those "Wayward Winds," Charlotte Harris and
the Welk Band play "Melody in F," and Dick Dale and The Lennon Sisters
sing "Gotta Travel On."  Special Guest Stars, The Mills Brothers.

01 – Southtown U.S.A.

                entire cast, danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan
                with Frank Scott on piano and Dick Cathcart on trumpet

02 – Hummingbird

                The Lennon Sisters

03 – Johnson Rag

                Lawrence Welk and Myron Floren on accordions, Buddy Merrill
                and Neil Levang on guitars, Johnny Klein on drums and
                Buddy Hayes on bass

04 – It Hurts Me More Than it Hurts You

                guest stars The Mills Brothers

05 – Paper Doll

                The Mills Brothers

06 – Wayward Wind

                Norma Zimmer

07 – Beyond the Blue Horizon

                Jimmy Roberts

08 – Misty

                orchestra, featuring Frank Scott on piano

09 – This Old House

                Larry Hooper

10 – Stockholm

                orchestra, featuring Frank Scott on harpsichord

11 – Love Here Is My Heart

                Joe Feeney, with Bob Ralston on piano

12 – Ragtime Piano Gal

                Bob Lido, with Jo Ann Castle on ragtime piano and entire cast

13 – El Cumbanchero

                Jack Imel and Bob Havens on marimbas, Bob Ralston on organ
                and Johnny Klein on percussion

14 – Buttons and Bows

                danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan

15 – Shifting, Whispering Sands

                recitation by Aladdin

16 – “Third Man” Theme

                Jerry Burke on organ, with Buddy Merrill and Neil Levang on guitars

17 – Gotta Travel On

                Dick Dale and the Lennon Sisters

18 – 12th Street Rag

                The Blue Blowers (Dixieland band)

19 – Champagne Medley:  I’m Through With Love/ For All We Know