"Springtime in the Rockies"
Host: The Lennon Sisters
The Lennon Sisters, Kathy, Janet and Mimi, are the hosts for this week's program, "Springtime in the Rockies," an international salute to Spring all over the world. Bobby and Barbara dance to "Zorba the Greek," Dick Dale and The Lennon Sisters sing "Bonaparte's Retreat," and Natalie Nevins plays the flute in "Emerald Hop." Two rare solo Lennon Sisters' numbers are featured, "A Little Bird" sung by Janet and "More Than You Know" by Kathy.

SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES     Hosts: Kathy, Janet & Mimi Lennon      Mar. 19, 1966

1 – When the Red, Red Robin Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin’ Along - Natalie, Jack, Barbara,
       Bobby, Norma, Joe, Kathy, Jimmy, Janet, Charlie, Jo Ann, Dick and 3 musicians

2 – Spanish Eyes - Myron Floren on accordion, with orchestra

3 – What Good is Spring - Norma Zimmer

4 – Johnny’s Knockin’ - Little Wally, singing and playing the concertina

5 – Swanee - Jo Ann Castle on the ragtime piano, with Jack Imel on spoons

6 – Tiptoe Through the Tulips - Kathy, Dianne, and Janet Lennon

7 – Zorba the Greek - danced by Bobby Burgess and Barbara Boylan

8 – Apple Blossom Time - Jimmy Roberts

9 – Chopin’s Waltz in C-Sharp Minor - Bob Ralston on piano

10 – Bonaparte’s Retreat - Dick Dale, with Janet, Kathy, Barbara and Norma

11 – Dancing on the Ceiling - danced by Arthur Duncan

12 – A Little Bird - Janet Lennon

13 – Medley of French Tunes - orchestra

14 – Danny Boy - Natalie Nevins

15 – Emerald Hop - orchestra, with Natalie Nevins on flute

16 – Stumbling - Larry Hooper and Frank Scott on pianos

17 – More Than You Know - Kathy Lennon

18 – Springtime Polka - danced by Little Wally and Barbara Boylan, with Bobby cutting in.
        Jo Ann Castle and Little Wally join the band on accordions