“Thanksgiving Special"

Guest: Sandi Griffiths

Original Air Date: November 17, 1973


"Home for the Holidays" - Jimmy, Norma, Larry, Sandi, Bobby, Cissy, Gail, Dick, Anacani, Ken, Tanya, Joe, Arthur, Mary Lou

"Winter Wonderland"  -  orchestra

"Y’all Come" -  Guy Hovis and Ralna English

"Somewhere My Love" -  danced by Bobby Burgess and Cissy King

"Count Your Blessings" -  Sandi Griffiths, with Tanya, Norma, Gail, Mary Lou, Anacani, Ralna

"My Prayer" -  saxophone section: Henry Cuesta, Bob Davis, Dave Edwards, Russ Klein, Dick Dale, and featuring Bob Ralston on organ

"Goodwill" -  Larry Hooper

"My Cup Runneth Over" -  Ken Delo

"Let it Snow" -  orchestra

"Try a Little Kindness" -  Clay Hart, also on guitar, with Buddy Merrill and Neil Levang accompanying on guitars and Bob Smale at the piano

"Bless This House" -  Norma Zimmer

"Skater’s Waltz" -  danced by Arthur Duncan

"What the World Needs Now" - Tanya Falan

"May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You"  -  Jimmy Roberts, with Bob Ralston at the organ

"You’ll  Never Walk Alone" -  orchestra, with Norma, Ken, Gail, Guy, Tanya, Clay, Ralna

"Bésame Mucho" -  Anacani

"Button Up Your Overcoat" -  Gail Farrell and Dick Dale

"Jenny Lind Polka" -  Myron Floren on accordion, danced by Bobby and Cissy

"Be Thankful" -  Joe Feeney, with Gail, Mary Lou, Anacani, Tanya, Sandi, Ralna, Norma, Larry, Jimmy, Guy, Ken, Arthur