"Thank You, America"
Host: Lawrence Welk
Lawrence presents a loving tribute to the United States in this program which was the most-requested, highly-acclaimed Welk Show to air on commercial television. An all-out unabashed tribute to America and all the things that are right with it, the show features the band and chorus in several patriotic numbers, Guy and Ralna sing "America the Beautiful" and gospel singer Willa Dorsey sings a spine-tingling rendition of the "Star Spangled Banner." Guy and Ralna also sing "This Land is Your Land."

THANK YOU AMERICA         Hosts: Lawrence Welk & Bobby Burgess         Nov. 21, 1970

1 - I Give My Thanks to America

Bob Lido, Joe, Jimmy, Guy, Bobby, Cissy, Ralna, Mary Lou, Norma

2 - Come and Join Me in a Prayer

Salli, Sandi, Charlotte, Gail, Tanya, Dick, Ken, Arthur, Curt, Bob Ralston

3 - Youíre a Lucky Fellow Mr. Smith

Bob Lido, Ralna, Guy, Cissy, Bobby, Mary Lou, Jimmy, Norma, Joe

4 - God Bless America

Guest star Willa Dorsey with pianist Bob Ralston

5 - Your Land and My Land (Is the Best Land of All)

Arthur, Bob Ralston, Curt, Ken, Dick, Sandi, Salli, Charlotte, Gail, Tanya and 10 musicians

6 - Letís Make America What It Used to Be

Sandi Griffiths & Salli Flynn

7 - This Is a Great Country

Tanya, Gail, Cissy, Mary Lou, Norma, Ralna, Guy, Jimmy, Bobby, Joe, Bob Lido

8 - Be Thankful, Be Grateful

Joe Feeney with pianist Bob Ralston

9 - Medley of George M. Cohan Songs: Yankee Doodle Dandy/Youíre a Grand Old Flag

danced by Bobby Burgess & Cissy King

10 - Bless This House

Norma Zimmer

11 - The Battle Hymn of the Republic (with special lyrics)

Cissy, Ralna, Mary Lou, Sandi & Salli (also speaking), Gail, Norma, Tanya, Joe, Arthur, Bobby, Dick, Jimmy, Ken, Guy, Bob Ralston & Myron Floren speaking

12 - Count Your Blessings (Instead of Sheep)

Tanya Falan

13 - Red Wing

Danced by Arthur Duncan

14 - Anyone Can Move a Mountain (Just Believe It)

Jimmy Roberts and chorus

15 - To America with Love

Ken Delo

16 - This Land Is Your Land

Guy Hovis (also on guitar) and Ralna English

17 - America the Beautiful

Gail, Mary Lou, Charlotte, Sandi, Norma, Salli, Cissy, Tanya, Ralna, Jimmy, Bobby, Dick, Joe, Ken, Arthur, Guy with recitation by Lawrence Welk

18 - The Star Spangled Banner

Guest star Willa Dorsey