"Those Were The Days"
Host: Ralna English
Nothing but good old songs are part of this week's show titled, "Those Were The Days," hosted by Ralna English. Sandi, Gail and Mary Lou sing "Apple Blossom Time" in Andrews Sisters' style, Anacani sings "Besame Mucho," Clay Hart does "Your Cheatin' Heart" and Ralna sings "Love Me or Leave Me" and later joins Guy Hovis for "Love Nest."

THOSE WERE THE DAYS                 Host: Ralna English                     Jan. 4, 1975

1 - Those Were the Days - Ken, Mary Lou, Bobby, Cissy, Sandi, Tom, Anacani, Arthur with Henry Cuesta on clarinet, Bob Havens on trombone and Johnny Zell on trumpet

2 - Irene - orchestra

3 - Love Me or Leave Me - Ralna English with Bob Havens on trombone

4 - Apple Blossom Time - Sandi Griffiths, Gail Farrell and Mary Lou Metzger

5 - Tales from the Vienna Woods - Bob Ralston and Bob Smale on twin pianos with orchestra

6 - Love Nest - Guy Hovis and Ralna English

7 - Besamé Mucho - Anacani with Neil Levang on guitar

8 - The Varsity Drag - danced Bobby Burgess and Cissy King with small band (Jack Imel, Bob Havens, Dick Dale, Charlie Parlato, Neil Levang, Larry Hooper, Richard Maloof)

9 - Chances Are - Tom Netherton

10 - Martha - Jimmy Roberts

11 - You Are My Sunshine - Ava Barber

12 - National Emblem March - orchestra

13 - Your Cheatin' Heart - Clay Hart (also on guitar)

14 - The Days of Old Vaudeville - Jack, Mary Lou, Bobby, Sandi, Tom, Gail, Arthur

15 - A Song and Dance Man - Ken Delo and Dick Dale

16 - You Can't Be True Dear - Bob Ralston at the organ, as Lawrence dances with Barbara Boylan

17 - Sing Sing Sing - danced by Jack Imel, Arthur Duncan and Bobby Burgess

18 - Peg O' My Heart - Joe Feeney with Bob Smale at the piano

19 - Royal Garden Blues - Henry Cuesta on clarinet, Johnny Zell on trumpet, Bob Havens on trombone, Bob Smale on piano and orchestra as the cast dances